About Us

Future Capital Partners has a proud history of success in support of British business delivering investments and venture finance, creating hundreds of jobs and helping the economy of the future.

We have worked closely with clients and their advisers to develop an unparalleled product range to suit their wealth and tax planning needs.

In recent months however, HMRC has introduced a wide range of measures which have had a significant impact on the products FCP can offer.

We have therefore decided not to undertake any new business from 6th April 2014. This does not impact on our current offerings Future Fuels Tranche 3B and Green EIS which will remain open until required fundraising has been achieved.

FCP’s primary focus will now be on the management and maximisation of value from its existing portfolio of investments, to which FCP remains wholly committed.

All FCP operations will be outsourced to key third party companies – providing HMRC support services , legal, company secretarial, finance, client services and investment management support.

FCP remains the largest investor across all our historic transactions and I am personally one of the largest investors across nearly all of our funds, therefore, FCP’s and my interests are closely aligned with those of our customers.

Over the next few months FCP will review the services it provides across all of its historic Partnerships and companies to ensure that the proper and necessary arrangements are in place to fund and support these going forward to a satisfactory conclusion.

Thank you for your support over the last 17 years and we can assure you that we will continue to manage all open investments to maximise both pre and post-tax returns.

Tim Levy

E: clientservices@futurecapitalpartners.com
T: +44 (0) 20 7268 4890