Benefits of Timely Healthcare Policy Renewal

Your health is supreme and you need to prioritize it. One of the ways of showing your commitment to your health and that of your family is by committing yourself to timely healthcare policy renewal. This article seeks to explore some of the benefits of renewing your health cover on time.

No unnecessary medical bills.

Medical bills are not pleasant and nobody pays them with a smile except for the fact that they or their beloved ones are discharged from hospital having recovered. When you delay to renew your policy, you may end up losing a lot even if you don’t buy a new policy. For instance, if you renew the policy and you pay within ten days after the renewal date, if anything happens to you or your family members within those ten days, you will still pay the bill.

You don’t have to pay for a new policy.

The second benefit of renewing your policy on time is that you are spared the hassle of having to go back to squire zero and buy another policy. Timely renewal will ensure that your policy remains in force until you terminate it.

You maintain your No Claim Bonus.

When you renew your cover on time, you will not lose your No Claim Bonus. A good point in case is this: if you take a cover worth $300 and you have been renewing it for the last two years at an annual interest of 10% per annum, you will accumulate your some insured to $360. But, if you fail to renew it and you buy a new one, you are going to go back to point zero where you will start afresh at $300.

You avoid inconveniencing waiting periods.

When you renew your health policy in time, you will be spared the inconveniences of having to wait before you benefit from the cover of some diseases. For instance, there are some diseases that require some waiting period of time before benefit from your cover. Some of them may take one month, others three and even others may take nine months before you start benefiting from the cover.

This means that if you are taken ill with that disease before the waiting period ends, you will not benefit from your cover. If you delay to renew your cover and buy another one, you will be subjected to this unnecessary waiting.

You benefit from pre-existing diseases cover.

Another benefit of renewing your healthcare policy in time is that you will retain your access to pre-existing disease cover. In medical policies, you need to take some tests so that within the life of the policy, the insurer will pay for any hospitalization that result from any disease that you may contract along the way.

All the diseases that you had before you took the policy will not be eligible for cover until your policy has been in force for some time for instance two years. If delay to renew the policy, you will need to buy another policy and that means in case you get hospitalized with a disease that you had before, you will only benefit from the cover after another two-year wait.

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