Move Over Forrest... There’s a new kid in town...

by Sam Mattu | Jul 28, 2013

Today is an exciting day for FCP as we watch Kevin Carr, the legendary ultra-marathon runner, set off from Haytor Rock in deepest Dartmoor on his quest to become the fastest person ever to run around the world unsupported and unaided. Cheering Kevin on will be a gathering of Dartmoor locals, including former MP Ann Widdecombe.

The scale of what Kevin is about to attempt is hard to contemplate. Not only will he be operating without a support team for the entire 18,000+ mile challenge, he will also be carrying all his equipment by himself in a purpose built trailer. Over the next 19 months, we will watch as he takes on some of the toughest terrains around the globe. He will cover a total of six continents and 27 countries including, France, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Turkey, India, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Argentina, Chile and Morocco. In order to complete the journey in record-breaking time, Kevin will need to run in excess of a marathon a day, seven days a week. Stopping is not an option, nor is easing off the gas for a few days: either of these could cause his body to seize up, making him unable to complete his goal.

FCP has agreed to be the main sponsor of this epic challenge, helping to power Kevin around the world. Our link with Kevin began last year when I met Kevin in Verbier skiing.  I was immediately impressed by Kevin’s energy, passion and single-minded determination, and when he approached us to act as sponsors for the trip, we jumped at the chance.

Kevin combines commitment, drive and pure hard graft with an undiluted passion for what he does best: run. His passion for running began aged 11 when cross-country running took him over the hills and vales of rural Devon which remains his home and training ground to this day.

He has pushed himself to the limits of human and personal endurance on a number of occasions, and aged at just 29, in 2009 he became the first UK athlete to run unsupported from Lands End to John O'Groats off-road.

I happen to think Kevin’s values are closely aligned with those of FCP. We are in the business of powering through adversity and championing entrepreneurial spirit. We also have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients, across a broad range of sectors including renewable energy, media and real estate, and we support Kevin in his attempt to accomplish something that is both pioneering and extraordinary. It is often by stepping outside your comfort zone that you can get a deep understanding and insight into maximising your true potential.

We have every confidence that he will succeed in achieving his goal of becoming the first person to complete this trip unaided and we will be following Kevin every step of the way of his extraordinary journey via Twitter, Facebook, his online blog and website. We will also be updating our own website with news of his progress.

This just leaves me to wish Kevin the best of luck on his amazing journey. We look forward to welcoming him back on his triumphant and historic return to the UK.

By Tim Levy, Founder, Future Capital Partners